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'Raid Tickets' (RT) are the currency used to launched raids. If we don't earn enough... we don't raid. It's that simple.

However, people seem to consistently misunderstand how RT are earned. There is only one way to earn RT and that is...

Spend 'Energies'.

They can be either 'regular' (yellow) or 'cantina' (orange). Every 1 energy spent puts 1 RT in the guild's bank.

They are NOT earned through 'Guild Activities'. 'Guild Activities' earn you 'Guild Currency' (GC). Which is a separate currency used for personal purchases in the 'Guild Store'.

In order to raid 3 times a week (t7 Pit) we need to earn 515 RT a day, per member (on average). The core members contribute 600 a day, pretty much without fail (which lowers the necessary average). But when the 'quieter' members have a slow period, the guild falls short.

Your contribution (???/600) is shown under 'Personal' in 'Guild Activities'.

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If you're struggling to earn enough, read below.

First of all, in case you weren't aware... you don't actually have to do the battles to spend energy/earn rewards. You can use 'Sim Tickets', which complete the battle at the push of a button. This literally takes a few seconds.

You get 240 'regular' energy and 120 'cantina' every day. That's 360 energy total. Spend a few minutes to 'Sim-Ticket' it all you've earned the Guild 360 RT. This takes virtually no time at all to do (10 minutes a day?) and costs you nothing and you get all kinds of goodies in return (shards, gear, materials, credits, training droids, sim tickets & xp).

Sitting at max energy (144/144) just wastes energy since it stops accumulating. So try to spend it before (or as soon as) it hits the cap. I'd highly recommend spending all your energies last thing at night and first thing in the morning (5 minutes each time), unless you're saving for 'Guild Activities'.

If you pick up your first daily bonus each day (45 'regular' & 45 'cantina' energy) between 12:00 & 14:00 GMT (13:00 & 15:00 BST), when spent that's another 90 in the kitty. Your contribution is now 450 RT.

There are two more free daily bonuses of 45 'regular' energy. One at 18:00 GMT (19:00 BST) & another at 21:00 GMT (22:00 BST). Collect and spend them both for another 90 and you've now contributed 540 RT.

To make up the remaining amount you can use 'Crystal-Refreshes' (at 50 crystals for 'normal' or 100 for 'cantina'). Each 'Crystal-Refresh' gives you 120 energy. With refreshes you should easily hit the 600 maximum per day.

We understand that people have real-life things to deal with and can't always commit their time to the game. But if you hit 600 most days, you've given yourself the breathing-space for a couple of '0' days.
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