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Spitball any thoughts in this thread.

Here's some interesting preliminary reads...
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Raid Breakdown (Tier 7 HP listed)

Phase 1: Gamorrean Captain (& Piggies) - 1.8m HP

Only damage on the Gamorrean Captain counts towards clearing the phase. He regularly summons 'adds' who 'taunt' to prevent 'scoring' damage.

TM reduction/slowing to prevent the 'adds' spawning and the Deathmark being applied, is the easiest way to clear this phase.

Otherwise High-DPS characters or Stunners are needed to deal with the 'adds'. This method will not prevent the Deathmark, so a Cleanser is recommended. This method also makes Enrage inevitable.

Phase 2: Rancor (Monstrous Endurance) - 3.0m HP

Monstrous Endurance: The Rancor has +50% Armor as long as it isn't suffering any negative status effects.

This phase benefits from characters that can apply negative status effects to enemies (Exceptions are: Stun, Ability Block, Health Down & Cooldown increase).

You're best off with a DPS team (ideally led by Phasma) Drop the door and swing away.

Phase 3: Rancor (Debilitating Wounds) - 3.3m HP

Debilitating Wounds: The Rancor takes 50% less damage from enemies suffering a negative status effect

This phase benefits from characters that can remove negative status effects from allies (Rex, Ewok Elder, Admiral Akbar, Lobot, etc.).

You're also best off with a DPS team (ideally led by Phasma). This round actually plays out very similarly to Phase 2.

Phase 4: Rancor (Rancor Rage) - 2.1m HP

Rancor Rage: The Rancor may no longer use Devour, but it has +25% Speed and its ability cooldowns recover 100% faster.

This phase is the toughest... just try to slow him and/or hit him hard.

Turn meter & Evasion is useful here.
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Hmm sounds tricky from the description but be interesting to see how much the extra potency from mods offset the increase tenacity of the rancor. Gut feel is the whole TM manipulation thing is still going to be key for our bigger hitters to get big damage in.

Anyone with only 1 or 2 teams in play should be looking to take advantage of the door in phase 2 with the reset in phase 3. Even better if they have 2 slowers (eg phasma, fives, RG, jawa, etc) so can use one in phase 2 and one in phase 3. If the slow doesn't land then restart and try again. Anything that lets you lay down as much dmg as possible while the door has him pinned.

Be nice if we could clear phases 2&3 while letting enough people hold back sufficient strength to the zerg down the final phase.
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Yeah... I share your thinking that the introduction of mods may well offer potency to offset the extra tenacity.

Reckon we need everyone to make sure they don't waste toons in p1. Everyone needs to hold off and let the guys who are strong at controlling p1 get everyone else through the door.

Then the weaker guys want to do as much DPS as they can (with the door down) in p2.

Guys with good 'cleansers' in p3, focusing on DPS again.

Followed by a free-for-all in p4. The stronger guys should have enough in reserve to get us over the line.

The only real concern is people wasting toons by throwing them at the captain, where they'd likely be more useful in later phases.
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Some General Observations on the Heroic raid:

  • We are right on the edge of being able to do it but cant afford to waste any attacks. In a month it will prob be straight forward but for now we need to be coordinated.
  • We should appoint a raid team (3-5 people) who know and understand the plan. It was too much to expect Godz to run the whole thing for 48hrs. With 3-5 guys running we should regularly have people online to deal with queries.
  • Phase 1 is cake with the right TM army (teebo, slower, cleanser, some dps). I wont bother discussing it much as we can assume its done in the first hour in 1-2 attacks. Once we win reliably we should mix up who hits in P1 but can do that later.
  • Dropping the door in P2 and P3 seems to be key to setting out some decent damage. Therefore NO ONE should be attacking more than once in these phases unless asked.
  • P4 is far and away the hardest so we need to hold back strength for this. Ideally half the guild hasnt even attacked in the first phase 3 phases.
  • I think a fixed running order was too regimented and everything can shudder to a halt if 1 or 2 people arent around so we should group people in teams of 3-5 for P2 and P3, maybe split into people using yoda who go in the first half and those who aren't who go later.
  • Fixing the running order by groups and phases could help us with timings to - that way people have a better idea of when they are expected to attack. Also allows for this being a weekend so people cant commit to being online all the time.

An example of this 'plan' would work like this.

Fri 7pm Raid Start - 1-2 attacks on Phase 1 (me/Moose/An other)
Fri 9pm Phase 2a start - Team A (5 guys using Yoda)
Fri 11pm Phase 2b start - Rancor <50% Team B (up to 5 guys)

Sat 10am Phase 3a start - Team C (5 guys using Yoda)
Sat midday Phase 3b start - Rancor <50% Team D (up to 5 guys)
Sat 2pm onwards - phase 4 - everyone, free for all

Maybe need to add in a Team E as a clean up team in case A/B or C/D dont manage to clear their individual phases.

Also goes without saying but if you are in an attacking team in P1-3 you only attack once. Plus it need to be fluid - no point chucking 5 guys in team C if the Rancor only has 10% health left at that point. Much better to save some attacks. The raid team can make a call on it.

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This plan looks pretty good. I'm not sure that I can add anything to it.

I'll just re-iterate that we don't want 'overdamage'. If two players are simultaneously doing damage and one completes the phase, all of the other player's damage is wasted. We should only be sending in people one at a time at the end of a phase.

Another point I want to make is that we had 31 out of 49 participants battle out-of-turn (including a few of our regulars). That was a huge hinderance. That's our number one issue that needs remedying.

I did also notice that my Gear VIII's weren't much use and my Gear VII's were completely useless. I feel that if everyone can put at least one good Gear IX+ DPS team together, we'd have enough firepower to get it done.
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Could the guys consistantly hitting in the millions share their team setups for each of the phases please?
Thinking it will help the rest of us focus on the right toons and make T7 more successful.
Also if there is a particular set of mods you recommend for a particular toon in your setup can you let us know.

Cheers in Advance.

P.S This may also save some of the more repetative questions on the in game chat.
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My go to team is as follows (particularly good for p1 but less so for 2/3 as odds are someone key will get eaten)

Phase 1
T5/6 - Teebo; QGJ; Fives; GS and EE

T7 i will swap my 6 star EE for Ackbar and I tend to take Rey over GS as the guards are harder to drop

Phases 2-4

Bit of a mix and match but I have some general principals:

Leader - one of Phasma, Teebo, Old Ben, maybe Dooku/Lumi if desperate

slower - always try to bring one - Fives my fav as its on his main hit which works well with assist guys, phasma reliable but less frequent, jawa seems decent, RG less realiable for me but may have to mod him

Debuffer - ideally a slower but if not bring anyone who can debuff in p2

Slam avoiders/mitigaters- the slam hurts so try to avoid it. Evading leaders are good as are taunters (I prefer han over RG but both good)), yoda good with group foresight too. These last 2 need to be timed well to get decent value

Dps - normally 2 from the usual suspects

Healers - I don't bother really unless I am scraping the barrel (exception with EE but he is in for TM and Rez too so excellent all round character)

Cleansers - good for p3 in theory but mine are normally dead by then ;-)

Sorry it's a bit disjointed - cobbled together on the train.

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Just to add a few things (I've made the titles clickable links)...

Dengar (p2w)
Basic = Assist chance. 1st Special = Speed Down chance (3 turn CD). 2nd Special = Tenacity Down chance, DoT chance & TM Down chance. Passive = TM Up chance on Enemy Dodge.

CT-7567 'Rex' (p2w)
100% chance of 25% Turn Meter removal on Basic Attack (subject to tenacity/resistance/evasion, of course). Even Teebo has to be stealthed before he has 100% (although his is 100% TM).

She can cause a wipe, if you're not careful. Basically, Bosses (Captain & Rancor) gain 5% Turn Meter every time they take damage. Rey's second skill (Leverage) is fine to use and counts as a single hit. Her third skill (Flurry of Blows) however, is 2, 3 or even 4 hits. If the Boss has over half a bar of Turn Meter, don't use it unless you're confident that you're not going to trigger his next turn.

ST Han
People seem to forget that he's not just there to taunt. His Turn Meter removal 'passive' (Bluff) is pretty handy. While taunting he will also give allies TM when damaged.

Ahsoka Tano
I'd argue that you can add her to the list of 'Evasion' Leaders. She only synergises with Jedi & Nightsisters though.

Tusken Raider
I don't hear him mentioned much, but he has a decent damage TM reducing basic. He's not ideal for your A-Team, but I think he's good for further down the order. I feel that he might shine in the future, if more Tuskens are added.

Mostly agree that they have limited utility, except for a few who are actually reasonably good attackers (Luminara, Ahsoka, Chirpa, etc.).

I don't find them particularly useful. The link above may interest you regardless.


People have solo'd the t7 (meaning they have started the raid from the beginning and completed it without anyone else's input) using the following teams (These characters would obviously also work in t1-6). Images are behind spoiler tags.

  • Teebo (L), Dengar, QGJ, Rex & GS.
  • Teebo (L), Dengar, QGJ, Fives & Rex.
  • Teebo (L), Ewok Elder, QGJ, Fives & Rex.
So that should give you an idea who is regarded as key.

The best f2p team you can construct from that is...

  • Teebo (L), Ewok Elder, QGJ, Fives & GS.
Which matches Wakson's recommendation exactly (go figure). lol

One more small thing... I don't mind RG. He just needs a good potency bump to make up for his shortfall and his auto-taunt has saved my run on more than one occasion too. Gotta admit that Fives seems a better alternative though.
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I may add a shout out for Chewie. TM removal on basic, taunt and self heal are a nice set of skills. Mine is a little unloved at the moment so can't confirm how he actually does yet but on paper he's solid.
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#12712498 Wakson wrote:

I may add a shout out for Chewie. TM removal on basic, taunt and self heal are a nice set of skills. Mine is a little unloved at the moment so can't confirm how he actually does yet but on paper he's solid.

I've seen a lot of love for Chewie (for t7) on Reddit, so I'd imagine he's viable (mine stalled at 5* g7 lv70).
#12750210 Sep 30, 2016 at 08:08 PM · Edited over 5 years ago
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[link removed - Lord Skunk is a scammer]

#12750222 Sep 30, 2016 at 08:16 PM · Edited over 5 years ago
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Sorry Delwyn. I'll have to make a post regarding this, but Lord Skunk is banned off the official forums and off Reddit because he's a scammer. I can't in good faith allow his site to be promoted here. Besides... that was just a t7 p1 solo. I've already linked a full t7 solo clear (all phases) and a post with a comprehensive breakdown of a 7m run.
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Okay... so our new plan seemed to work a treat.

Also, we did seem to have a bit left in reserve. As such, in future I think we can afford to be a bit more flexible in our approach.

Everyone should now have a good idea of how much damage they're aiming for. So, as long as everyone is holding back a strong team for p4 (TM / Evasion), I think everyone can have a bit more freedom to choose in p2/p3...
... but still only 1 'Battle' each in phase 2 or phase 3 (not both). So that's 1 battle before p4... and the remainder in p4 itself (at designated start time).

Now I'm definitely not suggesting that we go 'gung-ho'...
... we do still need to have some order. So I suggest that if anyone wants to take a turn, they simply ask in-game and wait for a 'go'.

We should stick with predetermined 'Pork Butchers' for p1 (so we can rotate rewards) and...
... have a fixed time for a race to the finish in p4, so that everyone has the same opportunity to put in a score.
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Regarding 'The System'

Right, firstly... The 'Guild System' as implemented by the dev's is inherently flawed. The dev's themselves acknowledge this and have attempted to balance it in the new raid.

The problem is the way that guild-mates are made to 'compete' against each other for rewards. Which only results in the rich getting richer (the new raid balances this by giving the top 3 the best rewards and everyone below that shares the same rewards).

This 'competition' has gone beyond rivalry and into 'one-upmanship'. This is a really bad thing to encourage amongst guild-mates.

My intention with this system (which is based on research into other guilds' systems), is to remove the 'competition' and 'share the wealth' (there will obviously still be some level of competition, but I aim for it to be a friendly rivalry).

In order to do that, the first step is to create a level playing field. That 'level playing field' is based on the following rules...

1) Phase 1 will be rotated amongst members capable of doing 600k damage. This will share the 'big' rewards.

2) One 'Battle' only in phase 2 or phase 3 (not both). This is to ensure everyone can post their best score with their 'B' team... unless their 'B' team is too powerful (see this link for current damage limit), in which case they should choose their C (or D) team.
We are now using a simplified variation of the 'Squadron System' linked below {edit: 2016-11-25}

3) Strongest team(s) for phase 4. This is the hardest stage (and the lowest scoring). Everyone who can, should do their bit to get us over the line. Having a fixed time to 'zerg' gives everyone the same opportunity to score. {edit: 2016-11-25}

Note: Anyone with a team that's squishy and genuinely unable to do a few % of damage in phase 4, should probably post their scores in phases 2 and 3... but again, don't be sneaky and competitive. Get confirmation from a officer beforehand if you think this applies. {edit: 2016-11-25}

So, the above rules do two things {edit: 2016-11-25}...

1) Reduce most of the competition (rewards are more fairly distributed).

2) Gives the officers data to work with regarding phase 1 rotation. Seriously, this is what people keep screwing up... I've said before, we need 'fair' scores so we can choose members for phase 1. {edit: 2016-11-25}

So finally, to re-iterate...

Get out of the mindset of 'I must beat the other guildies' and into the mindset of 'I'll do my bit to help my guild-mates share the loot'.
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If we're starting to get too 'efficient' at this raid (especially if we fill up the guild), the link below may be something to consider...

[Reddit] - 'The Squadron System'
Page 1